• Defiance Movie/MMO Game

    Defiance is (so far) as good as a scyfy movie series can be I guess. The characters seem cohesive and understandable and some have a nice mysterious back story. It is a soup of Firefly series/Star Wars w/o the light sabers. The series of which at this date I have seen 2 of seems like it will at least last through the season.
    The MMO- Defiance MMO is a 3rd person shooter (camera up behind your character). It has at first a good sense of playability, but after one goes through the entire set of main quests/series quests/and side quests..so far there’s nothing left to do except do them over again and or do the PvP instances (fighting other characters rather than NPCs[non-player characters]) The game currency is in good flow as is experience points (EGO Points), there is a list of Pursuits which are things ones character can do to earn reputation/experience/scrip($$), with reputation one can use the reputation points as currency and buy items that a certain faction sells to those with favor of that faction. Items can be (so far) weapons/shields/vehicles/titles/clothing..There are 2 characters (NPCs) that were/are in the movie Nolan and Irisa who ones character joins up with to fight hellbugs at an Arkfall (a large bit of fallen once orbiting debris from an alien vessel) so they can collect items of alien origin that sells for scrip on/in the various cities/black markets.At the next encounter the 2 stars of the movie obtain a long gem from an Arkfall and nearly have it taken from them but with ones own character’s help they keep it only to give it to my character for payment and safe keeping but when they leave to go wherever they were going my character looks into the metal case where it was and it’s gone.But on the bright side Nolan gives ones character his assault rifle (purple item) [the items colored name from lowest to highest...white/green/blue/purple/orange indicate it level of power and or special abilities] of which my character still uses.

    So far I have gone through the entire quest series 2ce. There are skill quests which test driving and shooting one obtains gold/silver/bronze medals for I see as do others on various forums there must be some type of hack or trick to achieve huge high scores in the millions because I can only obtain scores in the thousands hopefully Trion will fix the hack.There are driving and shooting parts and silver medals required to finish some pursuits. So currently I just queue up for the PvP matches and hopefully get some pursuits done if possible. Untill Trion puts out some more content (downloaded content)…I’ll write some more later on about my experiences with the game..

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