• My oppinion about Allods Online MMORPG

    Well, I have been playing Allods online since the closed beta test, and have noticed a sharp trend in more and more complexity that is not needed. This patch in July has created various unnecessary problems.My personal objections are as follows-In the game now if ones character dies he/she could possibly have their items “cursed” which means all of the bonuses turn into negatives for the characters stats. If one wants to remove the effect the person has to buy (with real money) at the Gpotato store a scroll that “purifies” the item in question. One can get around this effect if they buy with real money a set of “holy charms” which when a character dies a charm is used so nothing is cursed. So it is not financially frugal to put ones self at risk. Hence people won’t group with you if they are not almost guaranteed that they will live through the ordeal. Also the more rare or legendary that item is that might get cursed the more real money one has to spend to get it uncursed. The cost of the most gpotatos is 50.00USD for 5500 Gpotatos. The price for 500 holy charms is 475 Gpotatos.
    My next problem with Allods is- there is now items that “can” have a rune slot etched into them so as to receive runes. These runes give items either better defensive abilities or if put into weapons, offensive power. However when the game came out if one took a rune out of an item whether the item was bought or found, one could put a different rune into the item which met their perspective patron’s symbol. Same goes for now too, except that there are items that state “this item can have a rune slot etched into it”. Ok fine, untill one finds that, yep, your right, ya have to pay real money to buy Gpotatos to pay for the “rune etching kit” depending on the “level” of rune one wants to put into the item. The higher level of the rune the more it costs for the ONE TIME use of the kit. I bought a level 1-4 rune etching kit and clicked on it then on an item I found that stated clearly it could have a rune slot etched into it and got a message that this item cannot have a rune slot etched into it (even though on the item it states it could), this cost me 50 Gpotatos (steel rune slot engraving kit) So I bought a better one just to see if it was just a one time glitch, it wasn’t!!

    So now the only possible good thing I see the new patch did was to allow less PvP ganking in a zone called Assee Tep (or some such, as well as many other zones) because unless the other guy wants to risk dying and having to loose a holy charm or having to buy a “Purification” scroll they might leave your character alone long enough for it to at least do the PvE quests in the area. However They increased the difficulty on most NPC enemies and gave some even new abilities to kill ones PC with. There is an item called Incense which increases ones damage dealt and healing done as some other minor things, before the patch they lasted till used, now they (in ones inventory) only last 7 days. So one can spend 350 in Gpotatos for an item that is not permanent and one hasn’t even used or had reason to use.

    A lot of people have quit the game and moved on to lesser expensive free to play games. So the economy is getting tough when ya see things like this occurring to MMORPGs that’s touted to be free to play. Sure they are free to play but one will not have the enjoyment of seeing their character level nicely as the people who have the disposable income to invest in the items needed to just get their character leveled in a reasonable time.

    Date:Sept.27th 2010

    I have continued playing Allods online, but now I’m hearing the people who have stuck with the change are saying things like “It’s boring to attack so and so, because it’s too rough trying to beat them, they spent too much money on their character and hence, too hard/difficult, especially when they stay near a safe zone/spot they run to when sorely injured. Also, I’m finding out that the “scrolls of knowledge” are just a way to “buy” ones levels for  they give +100% extra xp for killing mobs as well as +100% reputation from the different factions a player is trying to get the rank of “Respected” in, which allows access to the best items that particular faction has to offer, which are generally rare items (blues). So it seems with the available purchase of potions of stat increases/scrolls of knowledge…etc. A player with more disposable income will legally be leveled faster and have the best of items he/she can get faster and easier than people that just play the free to play game without spending money (as it was supposed to be played, hence, free to play)!! Also they have increased the time limit from 7 days to 30 days on items(scrolls,incense,potions) bought, since last update here.

    I have found it extremely annoying to be trying to kill the mobs that a portal quest gives and marked on ones in game map, only to find that the portal guardian (the entity to which one is killing the mobs for) asks for something completely different from anything listed on the map or in the original quest.  When this happened to me at first it was an incorrectly named wolf species, ok, so they may have mis-interpreted the name from Russian to english, and I didn’t think any more of it. Although the more and more I adventure to other Allods and new zones to acquire more portal access I am finding the names aren’t even close. For instance the portal guardian for a portal quest for the Inn wanted vultures in a zone called Coba Plateau, but on the map markers no vultures are even listed(listed are jackles, and Rhinoceros cows, and one other I can’t remember)  in the zone there are several types/species of vultures. So the naming is completely wrong, it isn’t any more of just a different type of the same species, or a translation problem.

    The game is definitely a game that NEEDS a lot of work!!

    Update as of 10/13/10

    I was in a guild for around 3 months called “OCEANICEFFECT”, they seemed to be a nice guild at first with a character named Tofudream and another named Gibbonic both Gibberling archetypes. There were others in the guild but these 2 I had the most contact with. They were helpful and respectful of me and anything I said. However just today one named Riveria(sp) created a problem of what we were joking around about which centered on an old joke and something I’d heard on the Simpsons. He/she took offense to it and the Guild Master (of whom he refers to himself as a Regent) asked for me to leave because “several” guildies were too thin skinned and didn’t like the way I said things. Gibbonic” is the Guild Master,aka regent, and we talked it over saying that they are not too worldly and are easily offended, if it was just us he’d have no problems. However, my character is 5 levels away from the max level of 42 and only 2 of the guildies are 40th. So in my humble opinion when the others saw me raising in levels faster then them, getting the help to level more than them, having better equipment better than them, they got jealous and wanted to find something to kick me out for. Being retired and having a lot of time I game a lot more then they did. It is my conclusion that guilds are nice if, and only if most people in the guild are in and around the same time zones, have enough max level characters that can help up and coming guild mates close to max level, are not concerned with JUST helping their real life friends more than any other guildie. In many other MMORPGs the same is true, If 2-3 people play regularly together and form a guild they seem to be the ones that decide to normally keep it around their own levels or below, so it seems they are helping people level and gain items, etc…But, if a person is not in their clique they tend to either ignore them or boot them out relying on any possible reason to do so.

    When the Guild Master cannot treat everyone equally and starts singling people out on the whim of other guildies it definitely is time to re-think being a Guild Master (regent). So in my book, Oceaniceffect is a narrow minded guild run by “sheeple” who just follow along and have no mental ability to be morally tough enough to stand for the rights of freedom of speech. When I nor anyone else talked negatively toward any one guild member or any thing except the re-telling of jokes accepted in the mainstream of society and the Guild Master says people didn’t like the way I talked, it’s a sad guild to be a guild member of.

    My advice is do not become a guild member of Oceanic-effect unless of course you are a sheeple and will not say things that might in any way be offensive to narrow minded youths!!

    Oceaniceffect is a guild on North American English server of Allods(tm)

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    • I recently inquired why I wasn’t getting the keys as the contest for July indicated. They sent me a small form to fill out, of which I did.I checked back about 5 hrs. later and found only 2 keys of 6 was given to me, as in answer to my complaint. I wrote back and asked where the other 4 keys were. I then played for about 12 hours and logged off for that day. The following day when I logged back on I found my account characters names were hacked up, meaning they were changed. A total of three characters names were changed. “Wellhung” got changed to “Wellhun”
      on Nezeb and on tenesses “Ivanahavesecs” was changed to “Ivanahava”
      and the other character “Hardenthick” got changed to “Hadentik”
      So the only thing the so called contest has done to me is get me the target of harassment from the “Allods Team” One guy responded when told this encounter was, “Well you drew attention to yourself” Sounds to me like the cold war era is back for I wasn’t treated as a customer that needed some help, but all I got was harassment!
      The Gms will screw you over as soon as you need help or let them know that there is a problem they need to fix. I guess they have nothing better to do than appear to be busy changing peoples in game characters names around. I have and will let every one know how I was treated and abused by the “Allods team” when just asking for help with the contest. Also it is my opinion that the BIG prizes of the contest will be given away to associates and or their families..There isn’t any disclaimer that the devs,techs,or close families cannot win the prizes, and there is a reason for that. Probably as people suggested, they aren’t really paid enough so the company thought they’d give them merchandise in exchange under the ruse of a contest. I hate how I was treated, I am a disabled American vet and I didn’t need the mental anguish of this situation.

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